A Decentralized Exchange for
Community-powered Cryptocurrencies
Compumatrix understands that every ecosystem is unique and distinct. We believe that success is dependent upon the communities' ability to engage, enrich and enhance lives.
Why choose Compumatrix for trading
We build Decentralized Communities
Compumatrix, since its inception in 2006, aims to empower ordinary individuals to harness and create value through their productivity. With the emergence of blockchain technology, productivity online went through a dramatic transformation and edification. This has paved way for each value created online to be kept and traded on decentralized exchanges.
All-in-One Platform
Compumatrix makes use of the Bitshares Platform which provides an all-in-one facility for communities to keep, trade and exchange various rewards, tokens and cryptocurrencies.
Undisputed Performance
Our platform was designed from the ground up to process more transactions every second than VISA and MasterCard combined.
Cutting-edge Services
Compumatrix simplifies the complexities of the blockchain technology by providing training, services and features available to its users.
Ecosystem designed for Communities
Our decentralized exchange believes that every cryptocurrency deserves a chance to grow and co-exist with all other ecosystems to create highly competitive environments and healthy financial markets. Our members exist to support each and every community-empowered crypto-assets, tokens, or coins.
Create or Join an
Ecosystem Today
Be a part of our growing community of like-minded individuals whose lifelong goal is to create a world of sharing and caring. A community that does not focus on debt, rather, encourages each one to gain value through online productivity.
Compumatrix is dedicated to enhance all aspects of the lives of ordinary individuals through social media monetization and online advertising as well as information and financial technologies.
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